Combination Acts with Al

Al Nelson

In 1963 Roy Orbison headlined a European tour with The Beatles "I messed up the first day I got there. I walked out in this little theatre and they had Beatles placards everywhere, life-size ones. And I said, 'what's all this? What is a Beatle anyway?' and John Lennon said, 'I'm one'. He was standing right behind me". By the end of the tour Roy was playing second fiddle to the Fab Four as Beatlemania gathered momentum. John Lennon later claimed that he had joked to Orbison that the Beatles were tiring of opening for him so Orbison agreed to switch, but the audience greeted Orbison with such enthusiasm that the Beatles became concerned that they would not get to perform, and called out to him from backstage, "Yankee, go home." While he was the only American vocalist to ride out the British invasion ROY became lifelong friends with the band, in particular with John Lennon and George Harrison (Orbison would later record with them both). During their tour of Europe, an impressed Roy Orbison encouraged The Beatles to come to the United States. When they toured America in the summer of 1964, they asked Orbison to appear with them, but his schedule forced him to decline.


Al Nelson as Roy and Bennie Wheels as Johnny Cash makes for a great night of entertainment. Their tribute to the original Men in Black recreates the original performers and makes the audience feel they are experiencing the legends in person. Don't be surprised if you see "June" make an appearance during this fantastic show.